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Cela indique que le site fonctionne, et qu'il est probablement bloqué par les 

More Information. The Pirate Bay has been blocked on many ISP's around the world. With a proxy site, you can unblock The Pirate Bay easily. The Proxy Bay maintains an updated list of working TPB proxy sites.

Commonly known as TPB, the popular torrent site has been around for almost 16 years and it's currently running on domain. There are many alternatives for The Pirate Bay including

A good site providing information on the PirateBay availability is IsItDownRightNow, which tracks its service status. But if the Pirate Bay is temporarily down for whatever cause, you can always use mirror sites, which in many cases are still available even though the Pirate Bay servers are not available. This is because mirror sites have content of their own, which are exactly or almost the

But this blockades didn't reduce the Torrent users there are many alternative pirate site's and 100+ proxy site are available for TPB users. is one of the top proxy website. These proxy websites are hosted in countries where thepiratebay is not blocked. These piratebay proxies or TPB proxy always deliver the same content of also when TPB is down . Pirate Bay The site will automatically populate with the freshest, most popular torrents that are available. Each lists the number of seeds available too, along with the health of the download. The search bar is out of the way on the upper left of the screen, which is a definite positive for the design. The Pirate Bay is usually open for business 24/7. If you find that your access is restricted, then With a proxy site, you can unblock The Pirate Bay easily. The Proxy Bay maintains an updated list of working TPB proxy sites. See this article on TorrentFreak for more details. Proxy sites are the easiest methods to bypass the block and unblock The Pirate Bay, however there are also Alternate methods. Another list of proxy sites can be found at You can also help by creating your r/TPB: Following the latest of TPB. Hi everyone, I have an issue with TPB. Every time I try to get a torrent, I get a popup that states that a Free VPN Account is required. A pirate proxy site is usually a mirror site of something like piratebay and calls itself "pirate proxy" or something similar. These sites scrape the original pirate bay and use a mirror site and proxies to allow you to access it from other countries, like the UK, where the original pirate bay site is blocked. A pirate bay proxy is basically just a backdoor, so if one goes down, another can be 22/07/2020 20/09/2008

In the past, the pirates bay, which is hosted on four Linux servers, had an old-fashioned web server referred to as Hypercube. But in 2005, the site’s developers upgraded the whole website in an attempt to make it user-friendlier and moderate bandwidth usage, which at the time was two HTTP requests for every millisecond on every server. Today Note : 4.8/5 - 711 avis. Créer un site web avec SiteW : Site gratuit, Domaine et email, 100% personnalisable, Rendu pro, Rapide et facile, Le mieux noté! Les fichiers de ce site web sont classés en plusieurs catégories, y compris Vidéo, Audio, Jeux, Porno, Applications et Autres. Pour créer un compte sur ce site, il vous suffit d'avoir un email. L'ensemble du processus est gratuit. Seuls les utilisateurs enregistrés peuvent écrire des commentaires sur les fichiers disponibles et télécharger leur propre contenu. Des études montrent que However, web proxies as not as reliable as a VPN, which provide encrypted communication and a dedicated network of servers that usually expands over many countries. The Pirate Bay Is the Most Popular Torrent Site in the World. According to, a website that provides traffic estimates based on its global traffic panel, The Pirate Bay is once again the most popular torrent site in the Piratebay3 website down for everyone or is it just me? We are currently checking whether the piratebay3 website is not working from here. By visiting this page, a fresh site status test is perfomed on the domain name as our website down checker tool handles all requests in real-time. After the test is finished, the result will be

Cela indique que le site fonctionne, et qu'il est probablement bloqué par les 

Il s’agit du premier site de torrent tout de même. L’emblème du piratage international. Tout un symbole qui malgré vents et marées défavorables continu à voguer sur l’océan du web. Je me propose donc ici de vous présenter ce site, de vous expliquer comment il fonctionne mais surtout comment en profiter. Le site officiel de Pirate Bay est bien, il est bien en fonctionnement. Mais s'il est bloqué chez vous, c'est  Pour chercher des torrents sur Internet The Pirate Bay est parfait, c'est le Ce site web fonctionne à travers des magnets, des fichiers qui n'ont pas à se  Cela indique que le site fonctionne, et qu'il est probablement bloqué par les  17 juil. 2020 The Pirate Bay, un site qui a encore et toujours ses adeptes s'est décrit dès l' année de sa création, « le plus grand serveur torrent du web ».